Storage Units


Storage is a solution for all your storage needs, whether it’s for home use to clear out clutter or during construction, or for business use to store files or equipment.

If you need to store, MYBOX can provide you with an affordable and secure solution. You keep the key to your storage unit and control who has access to your belongings. You can come in as often as you like at no extra charge.

MYBOX - Small storage box


Size: 3.2 m² | 7.6 m³.

This is our smallest storage unit available. A unit of this size is suitable for sports equipment and 10 medium sized packing boxes.

MYBOX - Medium storage box


Size: 4.4 m² | 10.5 m³

The second storage unit size we offer is suitable for a number of packing boxes and several pieces of furniture.

MYBOX - Large storage box


Size: 6.6 m² | 16 m³

One of the largest storage unit that we have is suitable for the contents of a one-bedroom apartment.

MYBOX - Extra large storage box


Size: 13.5 m² | 32 m³

This is our largest storage unit size and is suitable for the contents of a two-bedroom apartment.